Medium risk activity involving students


  • For graduate students engaged in research, the principal investigator or faculty supervisor must approve the activity
  • For all other student travel, the appropriate department chair is the approver
  • Approval requests should include location, duration of travel, the activity being performed and strategies to manage identified risks
  • Assessors may use existing approval mechanisms within their faculties/departments/units, or they may use the Approval of Risk Assessment for Off-Campus Travel Involving Students form 



Please note that the approval is to verify that the risk assessment has been performed appropriately; it is not to approve the merits of the off-campus activity and travel.

The approver may ask the assessor to re-visit and re-submit any portion of the assessment if they conclude that it was not appropriately or adequately completed.

The approver may seek advice from others such as the Field Research OfficeInsurance & Risk Assessment and University of Alberta International when deciding whether or not to approve, and if they feel it necessary may escalate the level of approval required to a higher authority within the appropriate faculty, department or unit and ultimately to the provost.

The approver may require specific risk management strategies be developed and implemented.

The approver may choose not to approve the off-campus activity and travel if they believe the risks are unacceptable or unwarranted and cannot be reasonably managed.



  1. Advise the department/unit or Student Group Services as appropriate of travel plans.
  2. Provide emergency contact information for all travellers to the department/unit or Student Group Services
    If travellers register through UGo, the University's off-campus travel registry, the information is in a secure, central location accessable 24 hours a day by Protective Services. UGo also lets the traveller forward the information to the appropriate department/unit so the information only has to be entered once
  3. All travellers must complete the appropriate waiver form if required as outlined in the Waiver and Release of Liability and Informed Consent Procedure.
  4. For field research & field courses it is recommended that a Field Activities Plan be prepared.
  5. For student group activities a student group activity plan must be prepared (link to Bears Den for registered student groups).

If travelling outside Canada:

  1. Faculties are encouraged to advise University of Alberta International (UAI) of any programs that involve student travel outside Canada.
  2. All travellers must have appropriate emergency health coverage and should consider purchasing personal travel insurance coverage.
  3. The group leader must consult with University of Alberta International (UAI) and all travellers must complete any pre-departure orientation as advised.
  4. Travellers are encouraged to visit the DFAIT website for information including country profiles, consular services, general hints and tips.
  5. Please note: there may be special considerations to take into account for international students who are travelling (eg: insurance eligibility, country responsible for emergency evacuation). University of Alberta International (UAI) can provide information and advice regarding this.