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The University strongly supports off-campus activity and travel as a means of broadening experience, expanding and sharing knowledge and encouraging innovation and collaboration.

Off-campus activities and travel can incur some level of risk, which can be mitigated through planning and preparation. The University's policy regarding off-campus activity and travel was designed to support travel that is safe, productive and enjoyable.

University policy says:

  • You, your department and the University share the responsibility for managing any risks associated with your off-campus activity
  • The dean, chair or vice-president of your department may recommend cancellation of your off-campus activity if the risk is considered to be unacceptable
  • The dean, chair or vice-president of your department, in consultation with Insurance & Risk Assessment, may recommend that you leave a place or stop an activity if the risk is deemed to be unacceptable. Should you choose not to heed the recommendation, the University considers your travel "personal travel," and is not obligated to provide assistance at a later date
  • The University will assist in arranging return travel in the event that an incident such as a natural disaster, political uprising or terrorist activity threatens your safety
  • The University is not responsible for arranging return travel or any of the associated costs if you leave a location for personal reasons

Travel checklist

The following are suggestions contained in the University's Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy; they are not meant to contradict the rules of your faculty, department or unit:

  • Advise a supervisor or the department/unit, as appropriate, of your travel plans
  • Provide emergency contact information to a supervisor or the department/unit as appropriate
  • Bring important University contact information in case you need to contact the University while travelling (Protective Services is available 24 hours at 780-492-5050) 
  • If travelling outside Canada, check the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) website for
    • Travel reports and warnings
    • Profiles and information about the country you are visiting
    • Information about consular services, which are available in many countries
    • A variety of other information and resources related to international travel

Suggestions for identifying and managing risk

Other considerations when planning your off-campus activity and travel

If you will be conducting field research, we recommend completing a Field Activities Plan (FAP) available from the Field Research Office (FRO) site. We strongly recommend visiting the FRO site for excellent information about planning, training, equipment, communications, finances and more.

Go to Supply Management Services (SMS) for information about:

  • Booking air travel and hotel accommodation
  • Car rental
  • University credit card use
  • Submitting expense claims

Go to University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) for information about:

  • Contacting the University in case of emergency
  • Providing your contact information for use in case of emergency
  • Personal safety and security

Go to University Health Centre for information about:

  • Travel medical reviews
  • Travel immunization
  • Documentation

Are all your documents in place? You might need some or all of:

  • Passport
  • Proof of residency
  • Visa
  • International driving permit
  • Insurance
  • Proof of vaccination