The University Guide to Off-Campus Activity and Travel

The University of Alberta strongly believes in the benefits of a national and international approach to learning, research, scholarship and citizenship. Off-campus activities and travel allow members of the University community to broaden their experiences and expand and share their knowledge while encouraging innovation and collaboration.

As with on-campus activities, off-campus activities and travel can incur some level of risk. The University is committed to supporting its travelers in planning and participating in safe and enjoyable travel experiences. 

The purpose of these pages is to support planners of off-campus activities while helping ensure adherence to University policy—especially the Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.

Select the option below that best describes your off-campus activities and travel:

  • For faculty, staff and PDFs when students are not included

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  • For registered University student groups (you will sign in to Bears Den)

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Please view our Travel Policy Questions and Answers page.

For other questions about the policy contact Murray Middleton of the Office of Insurance & Risk Assessment: or 780.492.8886.